Saturday, December 17, 2011

final paint


colour bg

final painting, the accumulation of all iv learned this semester ,my concept was to have an innocent ggirl who looks towards a better day traped in a shitty place
bg in colour not much to say on this one i kinda powered thought it and learn alot of cheap tricks
for this assignment we had to paint a vehicle i really challeged myself by do a train ,perspective was a big thing in this one so it toke a me a while to figure every thing out before i actually started painting.
this was the monster assignment i wanted to do something slimy so i did a frog i didnt get to do all the ooze and shit but meh it was still and interesting assignment
this was out first assgnment in colour ,i decided to play up the drama and do a soap opera type thing my knowlede of anatomy was put to the test with this on.
we were given a black and white line art to light not the most interesting assignment meh.